Dawg Pound Mailbag: Post Hawaii Edition


Check out our maiden voyage of the Dawg Pound Mailbag.

Gekko Chats: Q&A with our own OneWoodWacker


The Gekko Chats series is turning inward with an interview with one of our own.

Pac 12 Roundup and Power Rankings (Week 2)


With one week's worth of games behind us, we actually have evidence upon which to justify our rankings. I'm sure you'll still hate them. But, hey, Power Rankings!

Five Husky Takeaways From The Hawaii Game


Taking away from the secondary, matching up with a bruising running back, playcalling for a young quarterback, the future of the quarterback position, and a general mindset about the game.

Husky Game Awards - Hawaii (John Ross Edition)


It wasn't all bad, just mostly bad. We dole out awards, and even some to players who weren't John Ross!

UW @ Hawaii Preview, Where to Watch, And More


If you want to find out where to watch the Washington vs. Hawaii Live stream, or anything else related to this week's 2014 Season Kickoff Husky game, then this is the page for you!

Pac 12 Power Rankings - Week 1


Yup, we did it again. A totally aimless and unsophisticated attempt at that time-honored sports tradition: the weekly Power Rankings.

Day 5: Who Will Lead UW Frosh in Snaps Played?


Our 30 Day Countdown is down to it's final five days. Time to start asking the questions that really matter. Today we wonder aloud about which true frosh will see the most playing time in 2014.

UW's Starting Lineup Predicted


Here's a crack at guessing what UW's starting lineup will look like for the Huskies' showdown with Hawaii.

Day 7 - Projecting UW's Leading Sack Man


Our 30 Day Countdown series enters it's one-week zone. That's right Dawg fans, ONE WEEK TO FOOTBALL. Let's channel this energy towards crushing opposing quarterbacks.

Day 9: Predicting the Huskies Final Record


We have only 9 days left in our 30 Day Countdown. Time to get serious about our predictions. Today we want to know: What will UW's final regular season record be?

Gekko Chats: Q&A with UW's Mason Kelley


Mason Kelley has recently launched a new column on GoHuskies.com called "The Details". He stops by the Dawg Pound to talk about his career, the Huskies and his new project.