Marcus Harrison

Arkansas Razorbacks #0 - Defensive Tackle

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How Arkansas’ Next DC Can Build A Better Defense


Arkansas’ new defensive coordinator will face immense pressure to deliver immediate results. What does he need to know before stepping foot in Fayetteville?

55 Days - Marcus Harrison and Matt Emrich

Just seven empty Saturdays remaining

Bears Assign Numbers


The Bears have handed out jerseys and numbers .  If my assumption is correct the o and d at the end of some players jerseys signify offense and defense and will have to be sorted out later if both...

Kiper, "Bears Most Improved!"


Ignoring the whole "didn't draft a QB" thing, post draft Mel Kiper has said that no team helped themselves more than the Chicago Bears. Chris Williams is the left tackle the Bears need from a...

Jerry Angelo Explains Lack Of QB


I  know many are wondering why the Bears did not select a QB in this draft.  This very question was asked on the Bears site to  Larry Meyer and he quoted some lines from Bears GM Jerry Angelo. T...

2008 NFL Draft: Post Draft Analysis; Who Screwed Up

Let's be honest: Draft grades are dumb. Always have been, always will be. So, rather than grades, we will just go through and give our stellar opinions on who did well in the draft and who sucked...