Chaz Ramsey

Auburn Tigers #76 - Offensive Linesman

  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 282

65 Days Until Kickoff! - Ryan Pugh


The Troy Trojans offensive coordinator had a decent career at Auburn.

Belated 94 Days to Kickoff! - Chaz Ramsey


Auburn’s offensive line class of 2007 would end up being one of its most productive. Lee Ziemba was a 4-year starter who would set the record for games started. Ryan Pugh would push for playing...

The Chizik scandal timeline

We're now in Year 3 of nearly constant claims being made against Auburn football, many of them by #haters.

Cam Newton Investigation: NCAA Finds No Major Violations Against Former Auburn QB


In a statement released by the NCAA, the NCAA's associate director of enforcement Jackie Thurnes told Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs that the Tigers had no major violations and have ended...

Auburn Football Investigation: Chaz Ramzey Agrees To NCAA Interview


Let it never be said the spider-gods that operate the gears and levers of college football are forgetful type: Chaz Ramsey is going to talk to the NCAA after all.

Chaz Ramsey to Talk to NCAA Next Week


Auburn's Chaz Ramsey will talk to the NCAA after all about his allegations against the school.

Auburn HBO Special: Where Do We Go From Here?


In the aftermath of HBO's special report, where do we go from here?

Is There a Santa Claus?


Acid Reign offers up his viewpoints on the latest Auburn pay-for-play allegations. None of it can be disproved, but the credibility of the four players is certainly in question.

Why the Auburn Tigers Still Deserve the Death Penalty


HBO's Real Sports dropped a bombshell on college football by airing allegations of pay-for-play schemes involving the Auburn Tigers at least as recently as 2007. If these claims by former players...

The HBO Special I Hate Auburn Open Comment Thread


A little over a year ago, Lane Kiffin bolted Knoxville in the dead of night, prompting a raucous comment thread that occurred while DavetheDawg was asleep. Dave was so dismayed that he e-mailed me...

Breaking Down the Claims of the Auburn Four


Confused by all the claims of the former Auburn football players? Here is a breakdown of everything they said.