Cameron Newton

Florida Gators #13 - Quarterback

  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 240

(THROWBACK) Game Preview - Auburn vs Arkansas State


New season, new stars, what can we expect??

...And That’s When I Knew I Hated Auburn


The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry has long been referred to as a “family rivalry.” In my case this is true. My uncle got two degrees from Auburn before going to law school at UGA and getting a...

Link sAUsage: Stranger Things


October 30, 2017

From the Vault: Stanford-Oregon 2010


A look back at one of the biggest PAC-10 games of all-time.

Auburn Record Holders and Bowl Games


Are there any Auburn records that change if you include bowl games?

Watch List Profile: Jeremy Johnson


With the last profile, we look at Jeremy Johnson and hope that he's just as electrifying as we think he can be.

Coaching Lesson: Field Position with Auburn, LSU


When coaches preach about the importance of special teams and field position, this is why.

Top offensive recruits that never came to Arizona

Some of the top offensive players in the country had offers to Arizona, but went elsewhere. This might make you a little sad.

Knowing Your Enemy -- Georgia on Auburn

It's time for Georgia to tell us why we should hate Auburn. And if it's Georgia, and it's Auburn hate, then it's T. Kyle King.

What if Cam Newton had stayed?


What if Cam Newton had stayed at Florida? Would his Heisman Trophy win have happened? Could the Gators have won another national championship?

What's the deal with Danny O'Brien?


What's the deal with Danny O'Brien? Looking at the cons of bringing in a hired gun.

When Nevin Met Orson: A One-Act Play


The Georgia Bulldogs' Orson Charles was one of the high school recruits Nevin Shapiro wooed on behalf of the Miami Hurricanes. Dawg Sports imagines the scene with Every Day Should Be Saturday's...