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The Record of Wrongs: Tennessee-Florida


An annual recitation of the many ways the Florida Gators have wronged the Tennessee Volunteers over the years.

The Record Of Wrongs: Florida Gators


The ceremonial reading of the Record of Wrongs, a litany of offenses committed against the Tennessee Volunteers by the Florida Gators.

Florida Gators arrests: Do you have a problem with this or not?


Chris Rainey's arrest makes 30 arrests of UF players during Urban Meyer's tenure at UF, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Alligator Army All-Decade Team: Safeties


You know this is an outstanding group when two of the guys have highlight videos.

An "Exclusive Interview" With Evil Tim Tebow


While we were in Gainesville last week, we had an opportunity to meet with Evil Tim Tebow in his office in the back of Lillian's. Here is that interview;

The Record of Wrongs: Florida Gators


It's time for the ceremonial reading of the Record of Wrongs, a list of offenses committed by Tennessee's opponent this week, the Florida Gators.

I live in a place called Dishumiliarrassment: Tennessee at Florida, 2007


A final look back at the 2007 season. Up today: The Florida Gators. Pre-game So the opening game of the season against Cal had been a total bummer, and the second had been more of the...