Charles Scott

LSU Tigers #32 - Running Back

  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 234

Dean Smith, Vince Dooley, and “Here Comes Carolina.”


The Tradition fans love today was very different before Charlie Scott came on campus.

The Rivalry Without Rancor


We don’t hate each other. Hell, we barely know each other.

Poll: Who from UNC Sports Deserves a Statue?


Now that a spot is open, who deserves to be immortalized on campus?

Closing The Book On The Class of 2008


A look back at how LSU's Recruiting Class of 2008 panned out

Link Gumbo 2/13/12


Above are Coach Johnson's comments from a pre-Bama game press conference. The important part comes at the 5:36 mark where he calls Ricardo Gather's comments about not enough effort being given...

You Just Signed A Blue-Chip Running Back! Now What?

A look at how blue-chip high school running backs usually fare at the college level.

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Kentucky Wildcats @ No. 1 LSU Tigers: A pregame look at the mountain UK must climb to repeat their miracle win over the Tigers in 2007.

Better Know a Freshman: Terrance Magee - Mr. In-state Sleeper


A look into Franklinton, Louisiana product and LSU running back, Terrance Magee.

Classic Study Hall: LSU vs Ohio State (2007)


A statistical look back at the 2008 BCS Championship game between LSU and OSU.

On the Cusp of... Something


If the LSU football team isn't careful, it could become very, very good.

Link Gumbo 9/13/10


    It's Miss St. week. Head on over to For Whom The Cowbell Tolls and be glad the SEC will likely ban noisemakers again before we go to Starkvegas next year. I suggest those looking for an...

ATVS Roundtable: Game Week/Depth Chart Analysis


The ATVS gang discusses LSU's pre-UNC depth chart in our weekly roundtable...