Jacob Cutrera

LSU Tigers #54 - Linebacker

  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 236

Better Know a Freshman: Deion "Debo" Jones - Mr. That's a 3-Star?!?


Deion Jones' didn't get an LSU offer until a little late in the recruiting game, but he jumped into the mix quickly and and is now rising the LB depth chart as a true freshman. Is Debo a future...

Better Know a Freshman: Luke Muncie - Mr. Chavis Approved


Muncie is loaded with potential. What does the future hold from the LBer from Texas?

ATVS Roundtable: Game Week/Depth Chart Analysis


The ATVS gang discusses LSU's pre-UNC depth chart in our weekly roundtable...

2010 Football Position Previews: The One Where Billy Chooses Theme Music – Linebackers


And the Valley Shook's musical look at the LSU depth chart turns towards the linebacker spot...

LSU In Review - Week 1 vs. Washington


Capital One Bowl LSU Preview

The LSU Preview


OTS takes a look at the showdown in Tuscaloosa this weekend with an in-depth preview of the Alabama v. LSU game.

Behind the Numbers: LSU v Tulane


  We beat Tulane.  Big whoop.  I'm doing the Behind the Numbers early just to get it over with.  Honestly, trying to glean meaning from a win over Tulane is a fool's errand.  Do not read too much...

Miles On Miss State


  Once again, to serve you, the ATVS reader, I try and cut through the BS and translate Les Miles' weekly lunch from Coachspeak to English. WHAT HE SAID: "Certainly our football team met this...

Translating Coachspeak


  Les Miles spoke with reporters today, and like any good head football coach, he tried to say as little as possible and use as many clichés as he could.  It is our duty here at ATVS to try and...

The Hangover


Well, it could've been worse.  We could have lost that game.  The question for me is whether I would be this bothered by the game had we not had the experience of last year.  If LSU was coming off...

Fans Will Be Watching LSU Defense


The defense has undergone a massive overhaul since 2008. Here's what I'm looking forward to. Undergone. Overhaul. Forward to. That's funny in a way I find hard to explain.

Injuries Pile Up


I try not to make too much of camp injuries, because coaches are much more cautious with injuries in camp than they are during the season.  A minor injury that would not put a guy out of action...