LaMarcus Coker

Tennessee Volunteers #0 - Running Back

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100 Days of Vols #48: Win Your Division, Son


Back in the hearty days of 2007, men were men, boys were boys, and if you didn't win your division at least you weren't making the title game. Poor, poor Georgia. If they only hadn't gotten their...

You Just Signed A Blue-Chip Running Back! Now What?

A look at how blue-chip high school running backs usually fare at the college level.

The 50 Best Games of the Fulmer Era - #21: Backs to the Wall, One More Time


Continuing our countdown, we remember the 2007 game between Tennessee and eventual-#2 Georgia in Knoxville.

Best plays to worst days: temporal displacement


One year ago today, Montario Hardesty's they-might-have-another-touchdown, Coker's Encore, XTFL, and "Derek Smith" had all advanced in the Best Plays of 2006 Bracket. Contrast that with two years...

Hello, old friends: Louisiana-Lafayette


Re-living the 2007 season. Because those who don't learn from the past are doomed to have a new coach next year. Pre-game Homecoming is a time to catch up with old friends in familiar...

Dancing with disaster: the South Carolina Gamecocks


Pre-game After only half a season, the Vols had already stumbled out of the gate, lucked into a lead in the SEC East, and then squandered that lead in embarrassing fashion in Tuscaloosa. They’d...

That's right, I'm kicking your dawg: Georgia


Pre-game War Eagle! Coach Fulmer greeted his players with the Auburn cheer when the team reconvened after spending Annihilation Weekend in the shelter of the bye week bunker. The polls were in...

Pony or Pony Poo? Tennessee v. Arkansas State, 2007


Pre-game It was only mid-September, and like so many times before, an early loss to the Florida Gators had Vol fans looking for help in the SEC East. This year, though, due to the degree of d...

I live in a place called Dishumiliarrassment: Tennessee at Florida, 2007


A final look back at the 2007 season. Up today: The Florida Gators. Pre-game So the opening game of the season against Cal had been a total bummer, and the second had been more of the...

Nostradamus abstains: Reviewing the 2007 season


A final look at the Tennessee Volunteers' 2007 season. Up today: the preseason. Photo by bb_matt In the summer of 2007, the Tennessee Volunteer football program was...

Big Dan Got Mad Ups v. That Play Again


Last match up before tomorrow's Final in the Best Plays of 2007 Brackety-ish Thingy. This afternoon, we have one seed Big Dan Got Mad Ups against two seed That Play Again. Big Dan Got Mad Ups ...

Reynolds Makes Sure UL-Laf v. That Play Again


The fourth and final Round Two match up in the Best Plays of 2007 Brackety-ish Thingy features one seed Antonio Reynolds Makes Sure UL-Laf against two seed That Play Again. To get into the second...