LaMarcus Thompson

Tennessee Volunteers #42 - Linebacker

  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 228

Complete 2011 Atlanta Falcons Roster For Day 1 Of Training Camp


Yes, our spreadsheet game is tight, and this is the fourth one we're in the process of keeping up with so far this Atlanta Falcons offseason. But this one is the most important. Here we have all...

Talking Points: Whiffing on ADs, Eyeing the Search Firm


So UT continues to whiff on AD candidates, the latest of which is LSU AD Joe Alleva. Some wondered why we were even swinging at Alleva, but once the bat gets loose, it's hard to corral. According...

LaMarcus Thompson, Darrin Walls Joining Atlanta Falcons UFA List


After reading the names of undrafted free agents that had been connected with the Atlanta Falcons, some fans fretted that the team wasn't focusing enough on defense, which appeared to be its weaker...

Best Plays of 2010: Hey, Nice Read vs. Stars and Checkerboards


Today's matchup in RTT's Best Plays of 2010 Bracket features LaMarcus Thompson's end zone interception at LSU against Eric Gordon's pick six verses Ole Miss. Vote for your favorite.

Herman Lathers suffers fractured ankle, will miss at least part of the season


The Vols lose their only returning starter at LB and second leading tackler from 2010.

2011 NFL Draft: Tennessee Vol Prospects are Slim


Tennessee's draft prospects aren't what they used to be. Still, they're prospects, right?

So It's Come To This: The Appeals Process, Rules, and Relevance


Yes, the Music City Bowl ending was painful. But is there really that much point in fighting it, or do we need to look forward?

The 2010 Seniors: Looking Back, Looking Forward


Only 15 seniors remain after the most difficult period in recent UT football history, but their contribution and character will not be forgotten as Derek Dooley begins to write a new chapter...

Georgia-Tennessee Preview: When The Dawgs Have The Ball


Part I of the Georgia-Tennessee preview -- Georgia offense vs. Tennessee defense.

LSU - Tennessee Final Sequence: A Chronicle of Events of the Fiasco


The ending to the Tennessee - LSU game was as wild as any. Here is an in-depth look at the final sequence in order to clear up misconceptions on what happened (and what didn't happen).

Some Positives From Tennessee's Loss to LSU


Looking past the disappointment of Tennessee's gut-wrenching loss to LSU, the game did hold some positives for the Vols.

Tennessee Reality Check: The 2007 House of Horrors


Why did Tennessee fall apart so drastically in the second half against Oregon? A large part of the answer may be found in the names of players who are NOT a part of the roster.