Josh Briscoe

Tennessee Volunteers #81 - Wide Receiver

  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 183

Opening Our Files: Roundup on Tennessee Previews & Other Volunteer Notes


Opening Our Files: Roundup on Tennessee Previews & Other Volunteer Notes

Talking Points: Tennessee secondary still unsettled


The day's news links for Tennessee Volunteer fans, including a look at the still-unsettled secondary.

Tennessee Volunteers Taken In Undrafted Free Agency


A list of Tennessee Volunteers taken in the NFL's undrafted free agency.



A live discussion of the NFL draft for all Tennessee Volunteers fans and for anybody interested in the fate of the former Vols.

Many More Players Leaving Tennessee: NFL Draft Plan of Action


The final wrap-up for Volunteers fans on the eve of the NFL draft.

UT Pro Day Results: Whaaaa---?


Ok, look.  This is going to come off like a bash-the-previous-administration post, but do know that I simply don't go that route.  Still, when you see something that startles you this much, you...

2008 Senior Day Tribute: Josh Briscoe


A brief tribute to Tennessee Volunteer Josh Briscoe for Senior Day.

Kentucky @ Tennessee: UT stats, personnel, commentary, and a prediction


A look at the Kentucky-Tennessee football game Saturday, Sept. 29th at Neyland Stadium in Nashville.

Looking deeper into the problems with UT's offense.


A look at the receiving woes of the Tennessee Volunteers and how they have produced the cold starts on offense.

Tennessee - Georgia: A Brief Look at the Numbers


I'll spoil the ending of the story for you early; the numbers don't make the Georgia game feel much better.  It still hurts, and it's not a pretty sight.  Still, there are some things to see in the...

Via The Tubes: Highlights Of Vols' Offensive Stars


As promised, let's build on my previous post on Tennessee's defensive highlights by looking at the key guys in in their clawfense. And man ... there is a lot here to be concerned about . We have...

Bruins v. Vols: Numerical Notes


Let’s continue to study up some more on this weekend’s big game by looking at the offensive and defensive statistics from last year. Now right off the bat we have to remind ourselves that we have...