Stefan Huber

Baylor Bears #54 - Center

  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 290

Baylor Football's 5 Biggest Concerns for 2014

Even with a ton of returning talent off a team that won the Big 12 Conference, Baylor has a few concerns going into the 2014 season.

2014-2015 Scholarship Chart (Updated 8/26)

Back in August, I took my first crack at a scholarship chart for Baylor Football designed to give us a peak at the numbers with which we were working. Today, I'm taking my second.

2014 Position Previews: OL/TE

Finally time for those hog-mollies up front to get their due.

Baylor's got pieces for another run

In today's Big 12 a sentence like, "survive an upset bid in Austin, and Baylor could be positioned well for another conference title run," actually makes sense. The Bears have some worries in pass...

Early 2014-2015 Depth Charts (Updated 2/25)

Baylor lost its final game of the 2013-2014 season just over 12 hours ago. Obviously, that means it's time to look at the potential 2014-2015 depth charts.

2013 All-Big 12 Football Awards Announcement

Over the next few hours, we'll be hearing about the All Big 12 Awards given out by the conference itself. I'll update this thread throughout the day.

Baylor's Options in the Absence of Drango

Going into its biggest game of the season in Stillwater on Saturday, Baylor will have to deal with the loss of its starting LT, Spencer Drango. Options abound for replacing him in the short-term,...

11.19.2013 DBR: Drango out for OSU w/ back injury

It's unconfirmed at this point -- I'll repeat, it's unconfirmed -- but the rumor is that LT Spencer Drango will join Baylor's walking wounded and miss the Oklahoma State game this weekend.

Trench Warfare: Oklahoma Edition

Please welcome longtime ODBer immahammeru to the ranks of the contributors here on the blog! His first post is the weekly look at the performance of Baylor's offensive line against Oklahoma last...

Baylor Depth Charts vs. Oklahoma

Throughout the past couple of days, I've had more than a few people ask me to do a post about Baylor's Depth Chart and how things shake out going into Thursday's game against Oklahoma. I am nothing...

ODB Grade Report: Baylor vs. West Virginia

It's Art Briles' world, college football fans. You're just living in it.

Baylor vs. ULM Prediction Thread/Poll

Guess what day it is! Guess what day it is. It's Prediction Day! Yes, the time has come for you to go on record with your predictions for Baylor vs. ULM, this Saturday at The Case.