Dustin Kamper

Boise State Broncos #56 - Linebacker

  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 216

Boise State the MWC team to beat

Boise State is quite a bit easier to beat than it used to be, but the Broncos have more proven entities than any team in the conference. Bryan Harsin and his energetic staff have a very good chance...

Boise State football, the future of our workforce


It is easy in the throes of football ecstasy to forget that Boise State players are also students who will some day soon transition from gridiron heroes to contributing members of society. Where...

Boise State is back on the ascent

Boise State lost almost all of its starters and fell apart in 2012 ... all the way to 10 wins and 'only' a Top 25 ranking. Unacceptable. Can these ridiculously disappointing Broncos bounce back...

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The Big East is out of the Orange Bowl Starting after the 2014 season, the ACC champion will now face either Notre Dame or an SEC or Big 10 at large team. This is obviously a blow for the Big East...

The Boise State Lavish Linebackers [Position Preview]


I say lavish because I feel like the linebackers are really the Mercedes or BMW of defensive positions. Its gotta be the high life, sitting back and playing the pass or coming up to crack the...

Boise State releases new depth chart featuring four starting quarterbacks


What worth does a depth chart have if it doesn't tell you anything? Plenty, if you are a football-starved fan. Here is Boise State's latest version.

Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 9-19-11


Boise State remains number 4 in both polls There weren't many results this weekend to help Boise State's ascent up the polls too much. Ranked teams Michigan State, Ohio State and Florida State all...

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Will Boise State have an All-MWC linebacker this year? Find out how the Broncos look at the linebacker position for 2011

Numerical Roster Countdown: Day 56, Dustin Kamper


Numerical Roster Countdown: Day 56, Dustin Kamper

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Who are the top high school players in the state of Idaho and where are they playing their college football?

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