Eric Waters

Missouri Tigers #81 - Tight End

  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 245

Florida Man! The history of Missouri football players from the Sunshine State


Ever wondered how bad Florida recruiting has been for Missouri? Well...let’s find out.

Recruiting DNA of Missouri’s Best Teams


Recruiting is important, but Missouri has to do it in a different way. What classes made up some of the best seasons in recent Tiger football history?

Top Moments of the 2010s: the Michael Sam Announcment


Michael Sam announced to the world that he was a gay man. It was monumental across the country, and his teammates shrugged it off in the best possible way.

Looking back at Missouri’s stellar 2010 recruiting class


What can that class tell us about how Missouri should be recruiting?

My 5 favorite Mizzou plays of the last 20 years

God, this was a fun list to put together.

My 5 favorite Mizzou tight ends of the last 20 years

A lot of Mizzou’s best seasons were defined by tight end play.

Diving Deep into Missouri Depth Charts

We have our first Missouri football depth chart of the fall. How accurate will that end up being?

9 veteran breakout candidates

From Michael Sam in 2013 to Bud Sasser in 2014, Mizzou tends to have a couple of late-bloomers making a huge difference. Here are nine candidates for 2015 and the difference they could make if they...

The incredible, tiny class of 2012

With the dismissal of Dorial Green-Beckham and four other members, Missouri's 2012 recruiting class could have become a lost class. Instead, it is the reason Missouri is again a top-20 team in 2014.



The lack of production from Missouri's tight ends has been a cause for concern among many Mizzou fans, but it may turn out it's been a strategic decision.

Watercooler: Snap counts, highlights, Don Cheadle


Highlights and player snap counts from Missouri-South Dakota State, a look ahead to Mizzou-Toledo, and Gary Pinkel press conference quotes.

Missouri reloads, sort of

Considering the losses, you'll recognize more names than you think on this year's Missouri squad. But the Tigers have to fill some pretty big holes if they are to make a run at a second straight...