Efrem Oliphant

Houston Cougars #50 - Linebacker

  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 220
  • Seasons: SR

The Oliphant in the Room


Former Houston Cougars linebacker Efrem Oliphant is one of many undrafted players attempting to earn their way onto the Broncos roster at their rookie mini-camp. MHR analyst Christopher Hart...

Broncos have 36 rookies and tryouts at mini-camp


The Broncos nine drafted players will be hitting the field tomorrow along with their eight undrafted free agents who they signed at the conclusion of last week's NFL Draft.

Houston's high standards could pay off

There are plenty of reasons to be both excited and wary about Houston, but a relatively soft schedule should assure the Cougars of a solid showing in Tom Herman's first year in charge.

2015 should be an exciting year for UH Cougars.


With a lot of talent back on campus and a new leader in Tom Herman, the Cougars are poised for an American Athletic Conference title run in 2015.

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The Cougars get the gift of a virtual home game in Fort Worth, but both teams having interim head coaches means anything is possible.

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In week three, BYU plays host to a Houston team that gave them a run for the money last season. We caught up with Hannah Exley of CoogFans.com to find out more about the other team of Cougars.

Houston was lucky and young in 2013

A young Houston team benefited from some incredible turnovers luck and almost won the AAC in 2013. Can the Cougars' experience offset regression to the mean in the "lucky bounces" category this fall?

Houston Cougars Statistical Profile


A deep dive into Football nerdom to figure out what has made the Houston Cougars tick on both sides of the ball during this most unexpected of 7-3 seasons.

Houston's a promising mess

Fortunes aren't supposed to change rapidly (and change again and again) for most schools, but most schools aren't Houston.

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Converted linebacker Lloyd Allen leads a re-engineered four-man front for the Cougars in 2012.

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