Corey Miller

Tennessee Volunteers #80 - Defensive Linesman

  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 265

Tennessee and the Ole Miss model

Extreme turnover in the trenches should prevent Tennessee from doing much better than about 6-6, but great recruiting and increasing experience could make for high 2015 expectations.

RTT Trending Report: Week 1 North Carolina State


It's Trending Time for RTT in today's look back at the North Carolina State game. What are the five things trending up -- and down -- from UT's season-opening 35-21 win over the Wolfpack?

Talking Points: Debriefing Milligan and Preparing for the Final Scrimmage


Today's Talking Points takes a lot at what the team brought back with them from Milligan and what they're looking to accomplish in tonight's final preseason scrimmage.

Talking Points: Focusing on Turnovers, Big Plays, and Winning the 4th Quarter


The day's roundup of Vols news leads with a quote from Derek Dooley concerning the team's focus on three key areas that correlate strongly to winning.

Football Practice Leads to Optimism Epidemic


The day's news for Vol fans centers on the theme of optimism, which infects everyone in orange from the head coach on down.

Three Things We Know and Don't Know About Tennessee // SEC 2011


Three things we know and don't know about Tennessee football in 2011.

Believe Nothing Derek Dooley Says, Enjoy It All


Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley continues to keep things interesting with light-hearted and funny quotes about his football team.

Ben Martin Injures Achilles Again, Volunteer Defense Continues To Thin


Tennessee defensive end Ben Martin, who missed all of last season with a torn Achilles and was projected to start as a senior this year, has torn his Achilles again.

National Signing Day Preview: Tennessee's Defensive Depth Chart By Class


With National Signing Day just a week away, RTT looks at Tennessee's defensive depth chart by class.

LSU - Tennessee Final Sequence: A Chronicle of Events of the Fiasco


The ending to the Tennessee - LSU game was as wild as any. Here is an in-depth look at the final sequence in order to clear up misconceptions on what happened (and what didn't happen).

SURPRISE! Tennessee is in need of offensive line depth, and other talking points


Derek Dooley was making his rounds with the Media yesterday. Most of the quotes you’ll find in any of yesterdays stories can be found in their proper context here in the transcript from Dooley’s...