Robby Parris

Notre Dame Fighting Irish #82 - Wide Receiver

  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 205

Notre Dame Football: Michigan State Spartans Preview


Your 1-1 Irish have a pivotal match-up Saturday afternoon against the Michigan State Spartans — here’s everything that will happen, folks!

The 2007 Notre Dame Football Season: The Tumultuous Times of Demetrius Jones


SB Nation is taking an in-depth look at the wacky 2007 college football season, so I figured I’d recount the football journey of Demetrius Jones, Notre Dame’s 2007 opening day starter at QB

My Favorite Play of the Charlie Weis Era


So I know the 2011 season opener is rapidly approaching and most people would like to just forget the Charlie Weis era and move on to Season 2.0 of the Brian Kelly era, but I've had the idea for...

Another Whining Doh!mer

Notre Dame fans have got to let it go....

The Holy War and the Big Finish


Previewing this weekend's Holy War game between the Eagles and the Irish.

Mid-Term Report Card: Grading The Irish On Their Bye Week


There is obviously gigantic room for debate on almost all of these positions, but this is what I'm starting with.  I went back and forth on a lot of them, but since they are just completely...

UHND provides an Irish Scouting report


Hammer and Rails trades scouting reports with concerning this weekend's Purdue-Notre Dame game.

Beyond the Box Score: Big East/Notre Dame Edition (Part Two)


(Sorry, had to go old school on this one)Pittsburgh (3-4) Game-Changing Stats Overall Offense (close games) Pass Offense (particularly in Q4) Pass Defense (particularly in close games) ...