Pat Smith

Nebraska Cornhuskers #94 - Kicker

  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 185

High Noon Highlights(10/22): Jawun Evans gets picked up to Raptors G-League team


Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and more!

Mauro Bondi Leaves Nebraska Football


The Senior kicker will not return to Lincoln for his final season of eligibility.

Foltz Named B1G Special Teams Player of the Week


Foltz Named B1G Special Teams Player of the Week

Who Can The Huskers Least Afford To Lose?


On the day before the Huskers start Fall Camp, we take a look at the players who Nebraska can least afford to lose this season.

College Football as Futbol: Group C Results


Alabama, Nebraska, Virginia Tech and Washington. Four programs enter, only two emerge victorious.

Spring Game Highlights: Cats, Kicks, Engagements.


The '14 Nebraska Spring Game had it all. From a internet phenomenon coming full circle, to a QB battle on display, to a life-changing moment. It had it all.

Huskers vs Hawkeyes: THE GAME THREAD


Nebraska takes on Iowa - prepare for four quarters of hard-fought football!

Huskers vs Hawkeyes: THE IMPORTANT NUMBERS?


Nebraska plays designated rival Iowa Friday on national television. Are these teams really rivals? And what are the numbers that matter?

Corn Flakes for November 26th


Today's links, with news on Nebraska Baseball, a B1G Football POW award, and a rant about the narrative of the NFL.

Know Your Enemy Of Your Enemy: Post Week 13


California has already finished up their regular season but the rest of the Ohio State 2013 opponents still have at least one game left to play, along with an addition to KYEOYE with the finalizing...

The Penultimate Opponent Recap


A look back at the next to last week of the season.

Report Card: Huskers 23, Penn State 20


Hold onto the ball, and Nebraska probably wins this game by 10-14 points. Of course, if Penn State's Sam Ficken could have made a couple of kicks, Nebraska might have lost. And then how big would...