Wesley Pendleton

Ole Miss Rebels #6 - Defensive Back

  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 175

Ole Miss is never boring

It is rare for a team to considerably improve or regress in one year. Well, it's rare for teams not named Ole Miss. The Rebels do it every damn year.

(Ad)vantage Point: Russell vs. OM secondary


The Ole Miss secondary is the glaring weakness that MSU and Tyler Russell should look to pounce on.

2012 Ole Miss Football Preview: Brown Liquor And Bipolarity

The fall for Ole Miss was drastic; is there any hope that Hugh Freeze can inherit what was once seen as decent raw talent and put a third instant turnaround on his resume? (Probably not. But hey,...

Most Underappreciated Rebel Footballer?


Most Underappreciated Rebel Footballer? - Red Cup Rebellion looks at players who have produced for the Rebel football team in past seasons, yet aren't garnering much attention among the Ole Miss...

Three Things We Know and Don't Know About Ole Miss // SEC 2012: The New SEC


Three things we know and don't know about Ole Miss football in 2012.

Grove Bowl Draft: Ghosts Gastly Gamechangers


[In looking forward to the Grove Bowl this weekend, [Juco] approached [me] about doing a sort of mock draft of our spring roster. Essentially, we did what we hope the coaches will do for this...

Meet the Rebels Day Scrimmage Report, or "Kyle Horine Bounces Back in a Big Way"


Meet the Ole Miss Rebels Day Scrimmage Report or "Kyle Horine Bounces Back in a Big Way"

Senquez Golson Says No to Bo Sox; Becomes Beloved Rebel Before Playing a Game


Last night at 11 CT, the deadline lapsed for major league baseball prospects to sign pro contracts. With the chiming of the hour, Ole Miss got shocking news that freshman cornerback Senquez Golson...

Practice Report - August 13th or "Did he sign? Has he signed yet? He has? No? Oh. What about now?"


Ole Miss Rebels Fall Scrimmage Report, or "Did Senquez Golson sign? Has he signed yet? He has? No? Oh. What about now?"

Impromptu Social Media Poll Results: Rebel Newcomers


Impromptu Social Media Poll Results: Ole Miss Rebel Newcomers