Peyton Eckert

Indiana Hoosiers #59 - Offensive Tackle

  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 308
  • Seasons: JR

Indiana's make-or-break year

After significant improvement in 2012-13, Indiana veered off-course, and the Hoosiers now might face a make-or-break campaign in Kevin Wilson's fifth year.

Hoosier offense is explosive


The Indiana offense is explosive and experience, particularly in the backfield and on the line. If Missouri's defensive front can't establish an advantage, Tevin Coleman, Shane Wynn, and the...

Prepare for lots of big plays

The offenses hold the advantages in Saturday night's battle between Missouri and Indiana.

Know Thy Opponent 2013: Indiana Hoosiers


Purdue has won 13 of the last 16 Bucket games and looks to keep the Old Oaken Bucket where it belongs.

Indiana might matter

Can third-year coach Kevin Wilson patch the holes in the defense enough to ride an absurdly easy home slate to six wins and Indiana's second bowl bid in 20 years?

Indiana Football 2012: the Offensive Line


Well, Indiana football had a tough year last season, and as we all are well aware, a big part of the problem was youth. Although things are a little better across the board, the offensive line...

Know Thy Opponent 2012: Indiana Hoosiers


Indiana will be better in 2012, mostly because it would be very difficult to be worse.

2011 College Football: Wrapping Up Week 3 For Indiana's Colleges


In one of the more surprising stories in college football, the Indiana State Sycamores are becoming a very dangerous FCS team. After predictably losing their opener at Penn State, the Trees notched...

Indiana Hoosiers 38, South Carolina State Bulldogs 21: sloppy win.


IU's first win was not a thing of beauty, but it beats the alternative.

Indiana Hoosiers Depth Chart: Offensive Line


Indiana Hoosiers offensive line is looking to put together a group of solid individuals to make a stellar unit.