Bernard Taylor

Indiana Hoosiers #73 - Offensive Linesman

  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 310
  • Seasons: SR

Indiana's make-or-break year

After significant improvement in 2012-13, Indiana veered off-course, and the Hoosiers now might face a make-or-break campaign in Kevin Wilson's fifth year.

Hoosier offense is explosive


The Indiana offense is explosive and experience, particularly in the backfield and on the line. If Missouri's defensive front can't establish an advantage, Tevin Coleman, Shane Wynn, and the...

Know Thy Opponent 2014: Indiana Hoosiers


The Bucket is captive in Bloomington. Can Purdue get it back or will Indiana keep it in consecutive seasons for the first time in 20 years?

Prepare for lots of big plays

The offenses hold the advantages in Saturday night's battle between Missouri and Indiana.

Indiana Football vs. Bowling Green: Gut Check Time


Bowling Green crosses the state line to take on the Hoosiers at Memorial Stadium. Will Indiana be able to calm themselves and put together a complete game, or do they unravel before the season...

Bowling Green at Indiana: Week 3 Game Preview


The Falcons are a trendy pick to pull an (ever-so-slight) upset in Bloomington on Saturday, but if they win, the doors to some mighty fun possibilities swing wide open for BGSU.

Indiana might matter

Can third-year coach Kevin Wilson patch the holes in the defense enough to ride an absurdly easy home slate to six wins and Indiana's second bowl bid in 20 years?

Indiana Football 2012: the Offensive Line


Well, Indiana football had a tough year last season, and as we all are well aware, a big part of the problem was youth. Although things are a little better across the board, the offensive line...

Know Thy Opponent 2012: Indiana Hoosiers


Indiana will be better in 2012, mostly because it would be very difficult to be worse.

The Indiana Hoosiers: Your Old Oaken Bucket Preview


Purdue needs the Old Oaken Bucket to reach the postseason, something that has not happened since 2002.

Indiana Hoosiers Depth Chart: Defensive Line


The Indiana Hoosiers' defense has to improve and it all starts with these guys on the defensive line.