Lorenzo Seaberry

Eastern Michigan Eagles #29 - Linebacker

  • Height: 5-8
  • Weight: 216

Name of the week: NAME OF THE YEAR EDITION, preliminary round.


After 8 rounds of polling, the search for the best name of a Northwestern opponent is drawing to a close. Almost.

Name of the Week: Iowa Edition


Hey, yo, new layout! Hope you dudes like it, it's mad shiny and whatnot, so, obviously, I'm pleased. Also, congratulations to Christian Kuntz, who won possibly the deepest name of the week poll...

Name of the Week: Indiana edition


Last week a couple of Sippin' on Purple firsts occured: first off, we lost for the first time in a week the name of the week guy I picked won the vote, and second off, we lost the first time I said...

Name of the Week: Minnesota Edition


If you come from the old site (hey, ten of you!), you probably know I feel that previewing a game requires more than just poring over football. (Although I will pore over football. Later today.) It...