Clay Belton

Miami-Ohio Redhawks #13 - Quarterback

  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 232

10 Til Kickoff: Watching for the Return of the Option Offense


Maryland used to be an option team. Could they be one again?

21 Til Kickoff: Maryland's Battle For (And Importance Of) #2 Quarterback


Jamarr Robinson is the starter, for now. History says he probably won't be for the entire year.

Maryland Football Preview, Position-by-Position: Quarterback


The most important position on the field is up for grabs.

Revisiting Maryland's Spring Position Battles


Maryland's been through a few weeks of spring ball. We break down how the position battles are shaking out.

Overviewing and Handicapping the Maryland QB Battle


Taking bets? Maybe not, but if we were, these'd be the odds.

Maryland Football Season Review: QB


We begin our season review with the quarterback position.

Post-Year Stream of Consciousness: Random Thoughts on Maryland's Season


Some random thoughts before any real analysis takes place.

Maryland Closes Out Season With Close Loss to Balanced Boston College, 19-17


Friedgen's last stand ends with an unemotional 6 point loss.

Coaching Updates: Porzel, O'Brien, Option


Some forgotten notes on the QB situation and Caleb Porzel as a possible kick returner.

Maryland Minute 10.18.09 - We Might See a New QB Soon


Chris Turner is under fire. Oh, and Maryland is an underdog against Duke.

Maryland Minute 10.4.09 - Clemson Win Fallout (The Good Kind of Fallout)


Welcome back to ACC Roulette - Dr. Saturday Maryland had about as bad a September as it could have had -- its second straight loss to a Sun Belt team, an overtime escape against a I-AA team, and...