Jordan Jenkins

Georgia Bulldogs #59 - Linebacker

  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 252
  • Seasons: JR

The 2020 Jets Initial 53 Man Roster


Today is final roster cuts day, and the 2020 New York Jets have finalized (for now) their 53 man roster. Keep in mind this will very likely not be the 53 man roster the Jets field on opening day....

New York Jets Flight Connections 5/23/20


Good morning, GGN! I hope you like your Jamal Adams drama, because today it’s wall to wall Adams. Adams situation is Revis 2.0. Adams is frustrated. Jets not interested in trading Adams. Jets are...


Full list of AFC East offseason moves

The AFC East gets a big shakeup with Tom Brady heading out of the division. What other moves did the division make? We have them all here.

New Year, New Off-Season Plan


Happy New Year everyone! With 2020 upon us, new hopes and dreams fill the air. With 2019 behind us, anything is possible. Of course there is still a massive dearth of talent on this team, and the...

New York Jets Flight Connections 6/30/19


Good morning, GGN! Robby Anderson won his first round matchup against Alvin Kamara in the silly 40 yard dash challenge thingy and then promptly shut it down. There will be no unofficial NFL’s...

The 2019 AGOP Champion


The contestants in the 2019 AGOP contest have submitted their entries. The entries have been reviewed. You all have voted. And in the closest voting ever, won by an excruciating margin of a single...

Where the top Michigan players are being taken in 2019 NFL mock drafts 3.0

The senior bowl is over and the combine awaits. What are the talking heads saying a week into February?

New York Jets Flight Connections 1/9/19


Bringing your daily links to the NFL’s New York Jets

Week 9 NFL Draft prospect preview & live chat


Nine weeks of college football action has taught us a lot about certain teams and prospects

Thursday Morning Dawg Bites Knows Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now


Let 'em say we're crazy, what do they know?

10 ‘Dawgs poised to pounce: #9, D’Andre Walker


Your Georgia Bulldogs will take to the practice field in less than a month to begin preparations for the 2017 season. Which players are most likely to step up and shape that season? We’ll be...

Georgia has a Top-5 NFL Rookie class

Leonard Floyd leads the way for ‘Dawgs first-year pros.