Jeff Lindquist

Washington Huskies #5 - Quarterback

  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 246
  • Seasons: SO

Preview for Spring Football That Might Have Been


The major stories we would be paying attention to today in a non-COVID alternate timeline

Washington Huskies Spring Football: Quarterbacks


Finally, a true QB competition. Or is it all just a formality?

Stuff and Shenanigans: “Millions of Apples, Apples for Me” ~Class of 2015


Thank you, Jake, Myles, and everyone.

Mailbag: “Back to Football” Edition


It’s better to walk in on both of your parents, than just one of them.

Mailbag - "Cold Chill of Autumn" Edition


Football. It's the sport of kings, better than diamond rings. It's why we're here to sing....Football. Saturdays in the snow, referees' whistles blow, weekend warriors toe-to-toe...Football.

Day 29: Who is the best QB in the PAC 12?


It's a transition year in the PAC with seven new starters. Somebody has to be the best.

Fall Camp Preview: Passing Attack


Washington’s passing game improved dramatically from the beginning to the end of the 2015 season. Now, that improvement will go as far as quarterback Jake Browning can take it.

Camp Preview: Ground Game


If UW cannot improve from the Pac-12’s 9th best rushing attack, the hype may be just that.

Mailbag - "Less Than a Month Until Football" Edition


Ah, women. When they see that you'll do anything they tell you to do, they're bound to respect you.

Better/Worse/Neutral - Quarterbacks


The Huskies started a true freshman at quarterback in 2015. What does 2016 look like for the Dawgs?

Here's why there's so much Washington hype

A 7-6 team is now being talked about as a Power 5 favorite. Wait, what? Here's why that's happening, and why we should (slightly) pump the brakes.

Hope and Hype as UW Concludes Spring Camp


Optimism reigns supreme, but what can Husky Football fans count on after a spring full of both hope and hype?