Christopher Clark

Syracuse Orange #18 - Wide Receiver

  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 160

SU Football: Texas Bowl Play-Calling Breakdown


One week ago, Syracuse pulled off a fantastic win over Minnesota. Today, we take a look at how it all went down, play-by-play.

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TNIAAM's football wing takes one final look at the 2013 season, while glancing ahead to 2014 as well.

The big Texas Bowl breakdown

The Texas Bowl could take about two and a half hours if Minnesota and Syracuse get their way. Both teams want to run as much as possible, though that's about all they have in common.

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We take a look at Syracuse's play-calling from the Pittsburgh game. At times, it was highly unpleasant.

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This week, we break down offensive play-calling against Florida State in a sad act of self-loathing.

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As per usual, we take a look at how offensive coordinator George McDonald's doing in the play-calling department. This past week, things started rough, but then turned around.

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Syracuse did not play well at all against Georgia Tech. How much did George McDonald have to do with that?

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TNIAAM's esteemed panel of football experts take a look back at the NC State game and preview SU's matchup with Georgia Tech.

Daily Links - SU Lax Look Back


The offense got the majority of the ink for the Orange in 2013, but without the defense, Syracuse doesn't make Championship Weekend.

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TNIAAM's football wing reviews the Tulane win, and talks bye week and off-the-field matters.

Daily Links - Isaiah Whitehead...Wa'Happun?


The Lincoln High standout at one time was seriously considering Syracuse. Thursday, Syracuse isn't in the Top 5. How'd that happen?