Nick Hill

Nation All-Stars #0 - Quarterback

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Know Thy Opponent 2015: Michigan State Spartans

We take a look at Purdue's 2015 Big Ten opener.

Signing Day Reaction


Insert pithy joke about fax machines returning to irrelevance here

Let's look at 2014 rushing stats


Using advanced stats to gauge which college football running backs and rushing quarterbacks were the most effective in 2014.

NI-Unit Previews 2009: Quarterback


Will there be enough depth this year at QB for Northern Illinois in 2009? A look at where all the QBs on the roster fit in.

Bears Assign Numbers


The Bears have handed out jerseys and numbers .  If my assumption is correct the o and d at the end of some players jerseys signify offense and defense and will have to be sorted out later if both...

An Early Assessment


Here are ten assessments/predictions concerning the Bears draft picks for next year . 3. I know I am in the uncomfortable position of agreeing wholeheartedly with Mel Kiper Jr. that the Bears...

Chicago Bears Sign 10 Undrafted Free Agents


t took all day, but finally I found a list of who the Chicago Bears have signed.   T Cody Balogh Montana CB Trey Brown UCLA DE Joe Clermond Pittsburgh DT David...