David Griffin

Hawaii Warriors #72 - Wide Receiver

  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 315

Friday Flakes: Frost Did Not Put Nebraska In His Top 25


Amen I say to you! Amen!

Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes: 6.21.2019


Don’t let the name throw you, Jimmy. It’s not really a floor. It’s more of a steel grating that allows material to sluice through so it can be collected and exported

Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes: 6.11.2019


There it is, Homer. The cleverest thing you’ll ever say and nobody heard it.

Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes: 6.10.2019


Well! I won’t sleep in the same bed with a woman who thinks I’m lazy. I’m going to go right downstairs, unfold the couch, unroll the sleeping ba...Eh, good-night

Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes: 5.30.2019


I got keys coming from overseas

Former MW players playing football in Australia

Australia is starting an American Football league and several former Mountain West players are participating

Can new QB Taylor Graham lead Hawaii's offense

In 2012 the Hawaii Offense ranked 101st in Passing Yards, 114th in Rushing yards and 102nd in Points For. There are 9 returning players who started last year but not much is to be expected of the...