Darian Claiborne

Texas A&M Aggies #48 - Linebacker

  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 225

Texas A&M vs. South Carolina? Defenses beware

South Carolina and Texas A&M both bring offensive advantages to Columbia for the season's first big FBS game (August 28, 6 p.m. ET, SEC Network). It's the Gamecocks' ground attack that could be the...

2014 MSU Football Opponent Preview: Texas A&M

Texas A&M's off-season was full of distractions and suspensions. That was surely not needed on a team already trying to replace three first round draft picks on offense.

Predicting the 2014 SEC Football Season: Texas A&M


TAMU minus JFF minus Mike Evans minus Jake Matthews = Rut Row!

SEC Linebacker Team Rankings


Which SEC teams should have the best linebacking corps?

Lack of discipline showing in latest A&M arrests

Recruiting may quickly start to suffer for the Aggies if Kevin Sumlin can't gain control of his program.

Dismissals Mean It's Offseason Time

Shot(s): BREAKING: Dismissed A&M football players Claiborne, Golden arrested today in connection to May 23 aggravated robbery involving drug deal. — Steve Fullhart (@stevefullhart) June 3,...

A&M Spring Practice: Everything you need to know


Kevin Sumlin and the Aggies being spring football this weekend, here's what to look for.

The big Chick-fil-A Bowl breakdown

Expect a shootout in the 2013 Chick-fil-A Bowl, where both Texas A&M's and Duke's offensive lines (and quarterbacks) hold solid advantages. Still, A&M's advantages are a little bigger, and the...

Perusing the A&M 2-deep


Texas A&M is every bit as dangerous on offense as they were a year ago, but because of a porous defense, they are forced to take a few more risks. If Mizzou takes advantage of those risks, the...

How to watch Mississippi State vs Texas A&M

Manziel meets the Rebels.

UTEP at Texas A&M: Game Week Q&A


UTEP plays its last non-conference game of the season against Texas A&M Saturday 7 PM MDT on ESPN2. The fellas over at SB Nation's Good Bull Hunting give us an inside look at Aggieland.

UTEP at Texas A&M Game Preview


UTEP and Texas A&M meet in a late season non-conference match-up 7 PM MDT Saturday.