Jake Browning

Washington Huskies #3 - Quarterback

  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 210
  • Seasons: SR

Expectations for a 5-Star Quarterback


What should Husky fans reasonably expect from the incoming Sam Huard?

Mailbag: “Suggestions for a Title Wanted” Edition


We got like 40” of really light snow during one storm last winter, and I have this really funny video of one of my dogs trying to swim through it. You guys should totally see it. Gary from MI: ...

Coach’s Corner: Stanford Week (?)


Moxie, ZTF, and Our Defense’s Kryptonite?

Washington expert previews the Arizona game, makes a score prediction

The Arizona Wildcats are set to play their first road game of the 2020 season on Saturday night when they visit the Washington Huskies in Seattle. It’s their first trip there since 2015, and the UA...

Mailbag: “Definitive Determinations of Washington’s Roster and Coaching Staff” Edition


We played a football game. It’s time to start talking about firings and benchings. DawgFan: So fine with Morris being starter but seemed to have come out of nowhere, did Sirmon and Thompson not...

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Time to daydream about the future a bit

Camryn Bynum, Elijah Hicks set to give Washington a rude awakening


Bynum and Hicks are among the Pac-12’s best in the secondary, and they’ll welcome a new starting QB with open arms

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A guide to all the Huskies wearing new numbers this year.

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Thursday Dots: Punting on the Fall?


The best Jake Browning pooch punt and plenty of student activism

Hawkeyes in the NFL: Offensive Player Training Camp Primer


With less than two weeks until the start of the NFL season, we’re getting to know where each former Hawkeye in the NFL is calling home and what their future holds in 2020.