Jermaine Burton

Georgia Bulldogs #7 - Wide Receiver

  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 195
  • Seasons: FR

Georgia thumps Mizzou, 49-14

The Dawgs broke a tie late in the first half and then never looked back once.

Season 5 Volume 9 Vanderbilt CANCELLED


Intro Game is cancelled. Perfect. Might as well publish what was written for the week. It has been super frustrating to see Georgia handle this pretty well from a Covid perspective and still have...

15 Thoughts Peeks into the Future

Chop a chicken chop a chicken ring their scrawny necks!

Daily Fantasy College Football - Week 13


Emerge from your Thanksgiving-induced slumber for some DFS action featuring the top games this weekend

Season 5 Volume 8 South Carolina


The crazy year that is 2020 continues as the Dawgs rush for under 10 yards and pass for more than 400. JT Daniels In Review Outstanding. What really impressed me most was how he subtlety evaded...

Week 12 Polls Has Found A Quarterback


This Week’s Polls AP Poll 1. Alabama 2. Notre Dame 3. Ohio State 4. Clemson 5. Texas A&M 6. Florida 7. Cincinnati 8. BYU 9. Oregon 10. Miami 11. Northwestern 12. Indiana 13. Georgia 1...

15 Thoughts: And a Californian (or two) Shall Lead Them

I cannot think of a better debut by a Georgia QB. That other kid from Cali is pretty good, too.

JT Daniels Just Shattered The Glass Ceiling That Has Been Hanging Over Georgia Football


It’s 1:00 AM here in the Mountain Time Zone and I’m still trying to process what I just watched. I’m physically sober. My body is free of any intoxicants save for Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter (that...

15 Thoughts is at a Crossroads of Sorts

2020. I can’t even... 1. Perhaps the most disconcerting thing about yesterday was how we looked on offense after a bye week. As bad as we were at times offensively (and in only an 8-possession...

3 Things That Worry Me About Kentucky


Coming off our first loss of the season, after facing 3 ranked teams, still on the road, and now facing a team that is likely utilizing their (gulp) backup quarterback. With a noon kickoff. What,...