Darren Koontz

Boise State Broncos #95 - Defensive Tackle

  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 274

Boise State is back on the ascent

Boise State lost almost all of its starters and fell apart in 2012 ... all the way to 10 wins and 'only' a Top 25 ranking. Unacceptable. Can these ridiculously disappointing Broncos bounce back...

Vegas still blue man group's

The numbers that mattered from Boise State's third consecutive Las Vegas Bowl victory.

Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 11-8-12


Darren Koontz ready to fill in for Atkinson plus take the take the blind resume test to see who you think should be no. 1 and no. 2.

Boise State depth chart vs. New Mexico


Changes along the offensive line, at receiver, and at running back signal ... what exactly? Find out who is in and who is out and what it might mean (if anything).

Boise State football depth chart versus Michigan State

A look at who is in the starting lineup for the Broncos as they prepare to take on Michigan State

The Boise State Dangerous DL [Position Preview]


The Boise State Defensive Line: it's like the Little Shop of Horrors, but in a good kind of way. 2011 may have been the season where we saw the best defensive line in Boise State history. 2012 may...

Boise State releases new depth chart featuring four starting quarterbacks


What worth does a depth chart have if it doesn't tell you anything? Plenty, if you are a football-starved fan. Here is Boise State's latest version.

Boise State football's biggest weight gainers and weight losers of the offseason


Comparing roster weights and measures to see which Bronco footballers gained the most and lost the most

Boise State's Defense Begins to Take Shape


Boise State defense begins to take shape with a few new players eager to step up. Demarcus Lawrence is one of those.

Numerical Roster Countdown 2012: Day 95, Darren Koontz


Numerical Roster Countdown 2012: Day 95, Darren Koontz

Introducing false depth and what it means to the Boise State football roster


Examining the Boise State roster to see what positions are areas of strength and which ones could be weaknesses

Boise State's Spring Game: some questions and some answers.


Boise State closes out spring ball with their annaul Blue and Orange game. Here is a look at how the contest went.