Gary Tinsley

Minnesota Golden Gophers #51 - Linebacker

  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 232



The Gophers have 5 retired numbers, what would happen if they un-retired them?

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Who is playing TCF Bank Stadium this summer? Oh....

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Scroll of the Sworn! - Damien Wilson


The Gophers' biggest need spot of the 2013 recruiting cycle is now filled. Say hello to your potential (probable) 2013 starting middle linebacker!

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Seriously, there are no Gopher sporting events of any kind this weekend. Boo.

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Gary Tinsley's funeral was held over the weekend in Florida. Memories of his smile and sense of humor dominated the day. "His smile could light up a room, his smile could save lives, his smile ...

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Mountaineer Morning Links - B12 blogger Ubben in Morgantown, player features, updates from WVUPros & much more

Gopher Athletics Establishes Gary Tinsley Memorial Fund

For those of you who wish to contribute financially to help pay for some of the Gary Tinsley funeral costs and to also help pay for some of his Gopher teammates to attend the funeral in Florida,...