Baker Steinkuhler

Nebraska Cornhuskers #55 - Defensive Tackle

  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 290

8/20 Practice Report


Huskers hit the turf for 2 hours, and a LOT of news comes out of Bo Pelini afterwards... .

Spring Preview: Defensive Line


Nebraska's DL grew by leaps and bounds after a terrible 2012 season. Can they keep the youth movement going in 2014? We think so.

Huskers still waiting to break through

With a wonderful backfield and disturbingly easy schedule, Nebraska could top 10 wins this fall. But a sketchy defense could lead to an unhappy ending, just like it did last year.

The Roundtable: BTN, Realignment, NFL Draft


The staff tackles a what-if at Memorial Stadium, the B1G (or lack of) in the NFL Draft, BTN's Baseball commitment, and the (supposed) end of realignment.

NFL Draft 2013: All in the Family


Every year, many players join the National Football League from families rich in athletic tradition. Here is a sampling of draft prospects who had family members compete at either the collegiate or...

Nebraska Spring Game Preview: The thin red line

The Cornhuskers take the first step toward refining their offense and rebuilding their defense Saturday in Lincoln.

Who Will Lead Husker Football in 2013?


With the latest batch of seniors out the door including the Huskers' heart and soul, Rex Burkhead, Nebraska will need new leaders. Which five early possibilities stand out?

Getting to know the Cornhuskers


Like us here at Dawgsports, Corn Nation has a large staff with well reasoned, but differing opinions. I asked them a couple questions, in what will be a much larger series of Q&As between our sta

70 Shades of Puce; Where Are the Answers?


Now that the "Airing of Grievances" is over, let's look at what the future of Nebraska football entails. And yes, that's a future that absolutely includes Bo Pelini.

CN Report Card: Wisconsin 70, Huskers 31


It was a brutally awful performance by the Huskers, and it demands changes in the program. But those changes should NOT include a change at the top. You cannot fire a 10 win coach because of a...

Predictions: Championship Week


Time to show the predictions for Championship Week from the CN staff.

8 Thoughts From The Other Side: Nebraska (Part 2)

After breaking down Nebraska's offense and what a Wisconsin upset would do to Husker fans, we take a look at what else can be expected on Saturday.