Carl Cutler

Syracuse Orange #48 - Fullback

  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 249

A new era for Syracuse

Doug Marrone sold while his stock was high, but he left the Syracuse program in infinitely better shape than it was when he arrived. Can Scott Shafer raise the Orange's recruiting stock and avoid a...

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Meet the Man Who Hates His Knees More Than Any Of Us Ever Will: Carl Cutler IV

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Doug Marrone and the Syracuse Orange football team made their public debut on Saturday with a controlled scrimmage and open practice in Rochester. So, with our first official look at the 2012...

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Post-Spring Analysis: Syracuse


Big East Coast Bias thinks the quarterback position is a liability for Syracuse while the running back position is a source of strength.

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The unfortunate side effect of spring practice is that someone, somehow, is going to get injured along the way. For Syracuse, it's been a battle for a few seasons. And this year it hasn't been too...

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As Dan mentioned in his fantastic recap of practice yesterday, Orange TE Carl Cutler is once again done playing football for a while, this time with a torn ACL. It's devastating news on its own,...

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