Dan Vaughan

Syracuse Orange #33 - Linebacker

  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 221

A new era for Syracuse

Doug Marrone sold while his stock was high, but he left the Syracuse program in infinitely better shape than it was when he arrived. Can Scott Shafer raise the Orange's recruiting stock and avoid a...

NCAA '14: Spruill, Davis & Smith Top The Ratings


The top ten-rated players for each school in NCAA '14 has been released. Find out who Syracuse's top guys are. 20% of them are kickers, FYI.

Links - Syracuse Is Africa's College Team


"Baye is a coach's dream," said Syracuse assistant Mike Hopkins, who played for the Orange in the 1990s. "He's just disruptive. He plays so hard. It's all about team. He brings an energy and an...

Syracuse-Mizzou: Exploring the SU depth chart


Mizzou could sooooooooo lose this game.

Syracuse Daily Links - Gait Calls For Shot Clock


"Bottom line is we’re never going to make it on TV unless we get rid of it...It’s hard enough to understand as it is. Then to stand around? Who wants to watch it?"

Syracuse vs. Pitt: Player Connections Aplenty


While you might not be rooting for bragging rights this Friday, there's a whole lot of guys on the field playing for them.

Syracuse LB Dan Vaughan: Tackling Today, Grappling Tomorrow

You could say that Dan Vaughan plays with a fighter's mentality. And that would be more true that you know because as Vaughan told the Daily Orange, his post-SU plans may include a few trips to the...

2011 Syracuse Football Team More Decimated By Injuries Than We Realized

Michael Cohen at the Daily Orange breaks down some pretty stunning info about just how banged up the Orange were by the time they entered that end-of-season swoon.

Syracuse Football: Why The Orange Will Finish...9-3

Today, we look at the possibility that this Syracuse football team could finish 9-3. Yeah, you read that right. 9-3.

Syracuse Football: Why The Orange Will Finish...3-9

This week we'll take a look at the potential final record for this 2012 Syracuse team. Today we take a look at why they'll finish 3-9.

Syracuse Daily Links - Macky MacPherson, Sean Hickey Working Hard


Updates on Macky MacPherson, Sean Hickey, Dan Vaughan, Deon Goggins and more...

Syracuse Football Roundtable, Week of August 6 (Part 2)


Syracuse Football Roundtable, Week of August 6 (Part 2): TNIAAM's "Experts" Talk About the Orange Football Team After the First Four Days of Practice