Herman Lathers

Tennessee Volunteers #34 - Linebacker

  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 230

A blank canvas for Tennessee

New Tennessee head coach Butch Jones inherits a team that will be strong in the trenches and who-the-hell-knows just about everywhere else.

Tennessee players in the NFL Draft


Those rays of orange suggesting that daylight is just over the horizon? They're showing up in this year's NFL Draft a bit, too.

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Marcus Lattimore talks to Garnet And Black Attack about his rehabilitation from his latest knee injury, how diet is playing a bigger role in his recovery this time around, and the sacrifices he has...

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Tennessee's defense is falling apart, but damn, is that offense scary.

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The world's only college football show makes ready for the world's first Third Saturday in October!

Is There a Case for Retaining Derek Dooley?


The beleaguered Tennessee head man is losing fan support. Can he last another year in Knoxville?

Tennessee vs Florida: Baby, Have You Got Enough Gas?

Big Game Saturday returns to Knoxville. Tennessee will try to break Florida's seven year winning streak by flying in the face of all that is good and true about this rivalry. Will it work?

RTT Trending Report: Week 2 Georgia State


Let's take a look at the Trending Report from the Georgia State game. There were a lot of positives but also plenty of things to work on. And, of course, we've always got to look a bit ahead to...

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It's Trending Time for RTT in today's look back at the North Carolina State game. What are the five things trending up -- and down -- from UT's season-opening 35-21 win over the Wolfpack?

In Which Tennessee and NC State Get to Basics


Basics matter, especially in the first game of the season, and especially against a team that ...basically only does the basics. So, let's talk basics.