Alameda Ta'amu

Washington Huskies #74 - Defensive Tackle

  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 337

Mailbag - "Cold Chill of Autumn" Edition


Football. It's the sport of kings, better than diamond rings. It's why we're here to sing....Football. Saturdays in the snow, referees' whistles blow, weekend warriors toe-to-toe...Football.

A Record Night for Huskies in the NFL Draft


Washington Wins the First Night of the NFL Draft with Three First Rounders

Danny Shelton drafted by Browns

Danny Shelton is the first Husky selected in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Sunday Best - Previewing Huskies in the NFL


SI has taken a look at Pac 12 players in the NFL and didn't think much of the Huskies currently in the league. We have our own take on that.

Husky Bowl Games of Yore


Holiday time everyone and their brother, shows up for dinner with my father and mother. Family at the table gettin' crazy and loud, says, "There ain't enough turkey to feed this crowd." "The...

Cal @ UW: The Longest Q & A Ever!


In this week's edition of Questions and Answers, the good writers over at UW Dawg Pound deliver - at 3,419 words - the longest Q & A California Golden Blogs has ever published.

Top Huskies For 2013 — No. 7: Danny Shelton


The question with Danny Shelton is not his ability, rather his consistency. If we see a more consistent Shelton in 2013, it will send waves throughout the whole defense.

Wrapping up the Spring (and other odds & ends)


With Spring practices in the rear view mirror, we take a high level look at the program and what to look forward to for Fall camp, plus additional Husky related notes of interest.

Grading Sarkisian's Development Success


As a follow up to the earlier post grading Sarkisian's recruiting success at each position, taking a look at how well he has developed players at each position.

How Does the Class of 2013 Stack Up?


The Huskies signed a very highly-regarded recruiting class in 2013, but where does it rank when compared to other recent classes signed by Washington?

Reviewing Washington's Recent In-state Recruiting


The Huskies have had their ups and downs recruiting their home state during the past decade.

NFL Mock Draft: Bama's Jesse Williams to Steelers


Pittsburgh could continue retool their defensive line and draft Williams.