Sadat Chambers

Clemson Tigers #27 - Safety

  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 190

Name of the Week: Auburn edition.


During the bowl selection process, there are a lot of factors that a team's fan has to consider: which will be the easiest travel option? Which will bring my team the best national exposure? And...

Clemson - Florida State film review


Clemson -FSU film review

Tuesday Linkage


Another in the long line of failures....disappointed Steve? seriously? Ron Aiken slams em again, here.But thats where the hoochies are dude?-An article worth reading about the NCAA and fan...

Preveiwing TCU Opponents: Clemson Tigers


Can Clemson rebound after a disappointing 2008 season

Clemson/Carolina Preview & Comparison


"Get used to it, Bitch"HistorySeries History:Clemson leads 64-37-4at Clemson: Clemson leads 15-8-1at Columbia: Clemson leads 49-29-3Last 10 Years: Clemson won 8, S Carolina 2 (theres that vaunted...