Colin Peek

Alabama Crimson Tide #84 - Tight End

  • Height: 6-7
  • Weight: 255

The All-Saban Underappreciated Team: Tight Ends / Fullbacks


Dirty jobs done dirty cheap

Ten years ago today, Tim Tebow cried


College football’s greatest dynasty was born in Atlanta on December 5, 2009.

Jumbo Package: Major Applewhite reportedly rejoining ‘Bama staff


Nick Saban’s Second Chance Home for Wayward Coaches snags another.

Friday Flashback: Tide (and Tebow’s Tears) Roll in ‘09 SEC Championship Game


In a supreme act of vengeance, the Crimson Tide ended the reigning SEC dynasty and built the foundations of their own

Friday Flashback: Roy Upchurch and “The Play” that Capped “The Drive”


Roy Upchurch was largely an unsung hero of Nick Saban’s inaugural championship run at Alabama…but for that one night, on the Plains in Auburn, he was a hero.

Charting the Tide, Final | 2014 Offensive Review


Reviewing the offensive results from the Sugar Bowl, and saying goodbye to basically the entire 2014 offense

Brian Vogler: Alabama's Forgotten Tight End?


The tight end position in 2013 was a bit of an enigma and was rarely used. Why and will it happen again this season? For Kiffin's sake, I hope not.

1st Half: Miami 2001-2002 v. Alabama 2009-2010


Two undefeated and unblemished teams going head-to-head for the SOTU BCS. Two tough and talented squads facing off in a contest only made possible through technology. The 2001-2002 Miami Hurricanes...

The 2012 Crimson Tide | Tight End

Roll Bama Roll looks at the Tight End position on the Crimson Tide's 2012 roster.

Trouble Brewing In Tuscaloosa, On And Off The Field


Trouble Brewing In Tuscaloosa, On And Off The Field - @kleph Stops by BSD for a Visit (by @EpicTripod)

Time to Shine: Players that Need to Step Up for the Crimson Tide in 2011 | Brad Smelley


With the season now less than two months away, we're going to start previewing this year's model of the Crimson Tide with a handful of profiles on players that are going to have to step up and...

Blogger Q&A with Roll Bama Roll


Ole Miss' Red Cup Rebellion does a Blogger Q&A with Roll Bama Roll