Dan Hoch

Missouri Tigers #77 - Offensive Linesman

  • Height: 6-7
  • Weight: 320

What If...Jeremy Maclin Hadn't Injured His Knee in 2006?

A look at what would have happened to the fortunes of the Missouri Tigers had Jeremy Maclin not missed the 2006 season to a knee injury.

NFL Draft Profiles: Offensive Guard Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms


The East St. Louis product was an excellent pass-blocker and suspect run blocker in 2019. What are the chances he hears his name called?

It takes a lot to keep an OL stocked

If you’re seeing about 80 percent of your signees to the end, you’re doing pretty good.

A youth movement in 2015

Predicting Mizzou's first depth chart and which true freshman will play in 2015.

2 post-game thoughts


This pass rush is real, and this offensive line is real.

DC's Post-Game Thoughts


The "sneaking up on people" portion of the schedule is over.

Josh Henson is your new offensive coordinator


'Change' change sounded fun, but Henson has a lot to offer. At least, Gary Pinkel sure has to hope he does.

A rosier, healthier picture for the 2013 MU OL


As we always say, injuries hurt in the present tense and help in the future tense.

Bye Week To-Do List: Compare, contrast and breathe


As Mizzou prepares for its final five games of the season, we should probably take the time to realize that while we haven't learned much about the program in 2012, we know even less about 2013.

Georgia At Missouri: Beyond The Box Score Preview

Whoever wins first downs will probably win this game. That is quite often the case, but considering the relative defensive advantages both teams might possess on passing downs, this game could come...

Mizzou 62, SE Louisiana 10: Tiger Offense Full Of Promise If O-Line Holds Steady

James Franklin's passing stats were mediocre against SE Louisiana, but he was done no favors by excusably vanilla play-calling and some communication issues on the interior of the offensive line.

Mizzou 62, SE Louisiana 10: Links And Reflections

This was the best-case scenario for Gary Pinkel in these games: Nobody got seriously hurt (I see that Will Ebner left with a stinger, but that was it as far as I could tell), your team won easily,...