Ryan Mallett

Arkansas Razorbacks #15 - Quarterback

  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 238

3 Things That Worry Me About Arkansas


The season is opening 3 weeks late due to a global pandemic. We have wildfires out of control, and a seeming turnstyle for hurricanes. In the 40th anniversary of our most glorious football season...

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It was a twitter poll runaway train from the get-go as the Darren McFadden era uniform won the poll by a landslide. 2005-2007 “McFadden Era” Uniform You never go against a jersey worn by an...

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To state that the past decade for Razorback Football has its share of ups and downs would be a major understatement. Starting off with their first BCS bowl game appearance in the Sugar Bowl in 2010...

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