Junior Hemingway

Michigan Wolverines #21 - Wide Receiver

  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 222

The current Michigan receiving core is right in line with its predecessors

There is no need to worry about this group’s potential.

What If: Fortune Smiled On Indiana Football


Indiana Football lives on the back of "What Ifs." What things might look like if a few games had gone differently.

Two-thirds of Michigan’s offensive NFL Draft picks since 2006 have been in the late rounds

Also, why Josh Gattis is the guy that might be able to reverse it.

Michigan-Northwestern recent history

The Wildcats always seem to put up a fight, but rarely come away with the win against the Wolverines.

Michigan-Western Michigan recent history: Mild, mild west

The results have been as expected when Michigan faces its neighbor from Kalamazoo.

Game Ten Preview: Hoosiers vs. Wolverines


Desperation is beginning to set in.

Wolverines in the NFL: The 2014 Season Begins


The 2014 NFL season has begun! New to this year, I'll be naming a player of the week as well as one player who needs to step it up. So let's go catch up with all the Wolverines in the NFL through...

Where Jeremy Gallon Might Land in the NFL Draft


Jeremy Gallon broke records and was Michigan's best receiver in 2013. He's looking for a home in the NFL. With the draft approaching, here's a run-down of where he might end up.

2013 Preview: Wide Receiver and Tight End


Michigan will trot out a young but interesting group of receiving options for the 2013 season.

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Revisiting some memorable moments in the Illinois-Michigan series.

A review of the Michigan WRs through four games

The receivers were one of a few question marks coming into the season for the Wolverines. With the non-conference slate already in the books and a bye week ahead of us on Saturday, this is a good...