Drake Dunsmore

Northwestern Wildcats #9

  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 235

“It just means more” vs. the stoic ways of the ancestors: Auburn! Northwestern! Citrus Bowl!


A preview of a football game between a 6-2 division champion and a 6-4 team that spent $21 million to fire a coach.

Remembering the 2010 Outback Bowl: Tumult in Tampa


Twelve stats, notes, and memories from the game that kicked off a monumental decade of college football in maximum style.

Citrus Bowl announcement press conference notes


Fitz shared his excitement for the coming trip to Orlando.

The Clutch-est Final Scoring Drive with YOUR Big Ten School


We pick who we want marching our offenses to victory, who would YOU want for YOUR school?

The unofficial Northwestern football all-decade two-deep: Offense edition


There have been a number of impressive playmakers and grinders to don the purple and white on this side of the ball in particular.

Revisiting Northwestern’s shocking 2009 upset of Iowa, 10 years later


With the struggling Wildcats about to face off with the Hawkeyes, let’s take another look at one of the greatest upsets of the Pat Fitzgerald era.

Marty Blazer’s testimony and how it affects Northwestern, explained


Does Blazer’s information implicate Pat Fitzgerald and the Wildcats in any way?

The 2019 Big Ten Position Breakdowns: Tight Ends


So many tight ends in this article. Also, everyone’s least favorite chores!

B1G 2016 Spring Position Rankings: Tight Ends


Wide receivers, running backs and quarterbacks are the glory boys, but in the conference of three yards and a cloud of dust, tight ends are the one skill position player that has to get in the muck...

B1G 2015 // Northwestern Cocktail Party Preview


It's time to discuss everything about Northwestern football this year.

OTE reviews the East-West bowl


OTE is here to tell you about the Big Ten's representatives in the East-West bowl

Northwestern: Bowling in 2014. Promise. I think.


MNWildcat and C.E. Bell take the stand to debate Northwestern's finish in 2014.