Champ Lee

Louisville Cardinals #31 - Linebacker

  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 215

Louisville's hitman goes to work

Bobby Petrino was brought back to Louisville to do one thing: win. And he'll probably do so. He inherits a strong stable of offensive weapons, and though the defense will regress, the Cardinals are...

Fun? Good? Yes, but Louisville isn't elite

Louisville has improved dramatically in three years under Charlie Strong and should improve again in 2013. But let's tap the brakes a bit on the hype.

Football roster updates, no more Titus Teague?


The football roster for the 2013 season has been updated. The good news, we have the chance for a bunch of fat guy touchdowns with BJ Butler playing fullback. The bad news? No more of the beloved...

Charlie Strong Discusses The Battle For The Governor's Cup


Charlie Strong addressed the local media Monday afternoon and touched on a number of subjects including Sunday's game with Kentucky, the battle for the starting running back job, and the exodus of...

Quick Take on the Updated Football Roster

10 has the latest football roster up and, of course, that means it's time to dig in and make any number of unwarranted assumptions and observations. That being the case, here's what...

Cards Win, It Appears


  Champ Lee getting in on the action.   Scary second half (I heard, did not get to see it) but the offense was explosive in the first half (I kinda got to see it but still sucks when...