Ivory Wade

Baylor Bears #78 - Guard

  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 310

Official Twitter Guide to Baylor Athletics -- V3.1

A lot has changed since the last time we did this.

$25 to build the All-Time Briles Baylor Offense

This meme took the internet by storm a couple of weeks ago, so naturally, we're just getting to it now.

Twitter Guide to Baylor Athletics, v. 2.0

A few months ago, I posted the first version of this list in response to a Follow Friday inquiry. Four months later, here we are again. This time, we have many more recruits and several more...

9.2.2013 DBR: Thoughts on Baylor vs Wofford

My plan most weeks is to get the Thoughts threads up either Saturday night or Sunday, but because of a few family outings yesterday, I didn't get that done. So I'll do it here, instead!

Position Previews: Cornerbacks

Led by a solid group of seniors, cornerback is another position where Baylor fans rightfully and reasonably expect improvement going into 2013. What happens when those seniors leave, is anyone's...

Is Baylor ready?

Baylor is winning recruiting battles versus Texas, building a ridiculous new stadium, and becoming the hippest, trendiest football program in the country. Baylor! But are the Bears ready for a run...

Twitter Guide for Baylor Athletics


Everything you need to know about Baylor Athletics' online presence and the numerous twitter accounts covering everything Baylor Nation. Also, follow @CoachArtBriles!

OL Ivory Wade to the Pittsburgh Steelers


Baylor offensive lineman Ivory Wade @taperfadewade78 signs with the Pittsburgh Steelers #SicEmBears — Baylor Lariat (@bulariat) April 28, 2013

Ivory, Lanear go undrafted, to sign as UDFA

I, for one, am hoping both end up with the Dallas Cowboys, my favorite team, but given that the Cowboys are run by Jerry Jones, they will most likely sign someone who either has no left leg or...

Baylor Spring Scrimmage Observations

How does the Baylor Football team look at the conclusion of spring practices? Take a look at the Spring Scrimmage report to find out.

3/28 Spring Scrimmage Stats/Recap

The lads snuck a scrimmage in on us today that I had no idea was going to happen at all, and once again the results were mixed. Both sides-- offense and defense-- are apparently giving each other...

Baylor 2013 Pro Day Open Thread

The Day of Days for Terrance Williams, Lanear Sampson, Ivory Wade, and Baylor's other draft-eligible (and leaving) players is here. Most of them didn't get a chance to participate in the NFL Combine.