Taj Kaynor

Colorado Buffaloes #97 - Defensive Tackle

  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 275

Current Colorado Buffaloes' Defensive and Special Teams Roster


The Ralphie Report takes a look at how the current Colorado Buffaloes' Defensive and Special Teams roster stakes up on paper.

Wednesday Buff Bites


In case you haven't seen it yet, the news of the day is Marcus Relphorde, a 6'7" 225 pound power forward from Indian Hills C.C., has announced his intent to sign with Jeff Bzdelik and the Colorado...

Snowy Friday Buff Bites


Another spring storm is leveling the Denver area. Something tells me that it isn't such a bad thing that the scrimmage today is not open to the public. Even if it was open, the bubble isn't exactly...

4/16 Buff Bites


This is one of the better articles CUBuffs.com has put out this spring and it is about the wide receivers. Some interesting and funny tidbits about each of the big three receivers: The usual...

Thursday Buff Bites


Running back coach Darian Hagan says in a CUBUFFS.com article that last year, Darrell Scott was thinking too much and this year, he just wants him to play. Being back down to 200 pounds and in...

2009 - 2010 Buff Defense Class Breakdown


Here is the defensive class breakdown for the 2009 season as we stand today. Here is the offensive breakdown I posted last week. See analysis of the defensive squads after the jump... ...