Kerry Murphy

Alabama Crimson Tide #64 - Defensive Linesman

  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 319

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With the latest news on the physical issues currently plaguing Kerry Murphy and Kendall Kelly, it's easy to envision the endgame scenario here. Kendall Kelly was not healthy as a senior in high...

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Injuries Remain Great Unknown


D.J. Fluker has returned to practice this week from the so-called "pretty severe" groin injury that he suffered late in the second half against South Carolina. He has been cleared to play this...

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There will be points...


At the risk of this piece turning into a bit of hyperbole in the opening sentence, it's relatively hard to imagine a regular season conference game between non-traditional rivals with more on the...

Kerry Murphy: Defensive End?


Arguably the biggest defensive surprise of the Penn State game was the placement of Kerry Murphy. Prior to Saturday night he had spent his first year and a half in Tuscaloosa playing the nose guard...

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