James Stampley

LSU Tigers #35 - Fullback

  • Height: 5-10
  • Weight: 239

2012 NFL Unsigned Free Agents: Seahawks Reportedly Pick Up 10 More Players


When the 2012 NFL Draft officially wrapped on Saturday, it was really just a prelude to the flurry of activity that came with the rush to sign undrafted free agents. The Seattle Seahawks, along...

Seahawks Undrafted Free Agent Tracker: Open Thread


The free for all known as undrafted free agency has commenced.

The Morning After: LSU 52, Ole Miss 3


First off, I'm at our top secret location in West Texas, so my internet connection is spotty at best.  I apologize for being late with the after game review -- the cows knocked out our internet....

Racism, Jordan Jefferson, and Southern Football


"Sunlight is the best disinfectant"  -- U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis The word "racism" has been floating around in our little community recently, due to the non-quarterback controversy...

Monday Press Lunch: Week 2 v Northwestern St.


Stand out moments: Les Miles wants an annual game in Dallas. Says Sam Montgomery is a fired up individual but needs to not speak for everyone. He get's really fired up talking about James...

LSU Spring Game 2011 Rosters


Rosters for the 2011 LSU Spring Game

Thank You


It's Thanksgiving, and we Tiger fans have much to be thankful for.  Before we indulge in the annual ritual in which we ingest our own body weight in food, and then pass in front of the TV watching...

Name of the Week: LSU


A closer look at the most important part of a team: its player's names.

ATVS Roundtable: Game Week/Depth Chart Analysis


The ATVS gang discusses LSU's pre-UNC depth chart in our weekly roundtable...

2010 Football Position Previews: The One Where Billy Chooses Theme Music – Offensive Backfield


LSU will have a revamped offensive backfield in 2010...pre-camp preview from And the Valley Shook.

Better Know a Freshman: Brandon Worle - Mr. Better Be Ready


Incoming freshman Brandon Worle's responsibilities just became imminently more tangible. Can he take the starting reigns as a true freshman?

And Breathe...


  Let's see if I can sum up this offseason so far... Chad Jones is in a terrible auto accident. T-Bob Hebert is suspended indefinitely due to getting arrested for a DUI.  Chris Garrett is...