Todd Reesing

Kansas Jayhawks #5 - Quarterback

  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 200

The Daily Mauling: 7.13.2020


Oh, golly. If that doesn’t put the ‘Shaz’ in ‘Shazam’! Oh, listen. What’s the cash value of those tickets so I can report it on my income tax?

What If...Jeremy Maclin Hadn't Injured His Knee in 2006?

A look at what would have happened to the fortunes of the Missouri Tigers had Jeremy Maclin not missed the 2006 season to a knee injury.

Notebook: KU Volleyball Mauls West Virginia; KU Soccer Mauls Oklahoma


I probably won’t be able to get the parts I need for two...three weeks. And that’s if I order ‘em today...which I won’t

Behind Enemy Lines: Oklahoma Sooners


We preview today’s game with our SB Nation sister-site, Crimson & Cream Machine

The Daily Mauling: 8.22.2019


Silence. I now call to order the first meeting of the ancient mystic society of...No Homers

2018 Game VIII: Iowa State vs. Kansas Football Preview


Everyone’s favorite slump-buster - Kansas...

Behind Enemy Lines: A Q&A with On The Banks

I connected with our SB Nation sister-site On The Banks to discuss the Kansas-Rutgers game

What kind of coach can win at Kansas?


The formula that propelled Kansas in the past is now a best practice in the Big 12. To win in the future they need to go a different route.

What could a Jim Harbaugh spread offense look like?


By hiring former spread OL coach Ed Warriner and bringing in Shea Patterson, Jim Harbaugh may be transitioning towards more of a pro-spread fusion in 2018.

My 5 favorite Mizzou plays of the last 20 years

God, this was a fun list to put together.

The Hokies QB Conundrum: A Recent History


A look at the history of the position at Virginia Tech for the past several years, and some lessons that I’ve gleaned along the way. Part one of two of my look at quarterbacks for this spring.