Marsalis Teague

Tennessee Volunteers #10 - Defensive Back

  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 182

A blank canvas for Tennessee

New Tennessee head coach Butch Jones inherits a team that will be strong in the trenches and who-the-hell-knows just about everywhere else.

When elite recruiting classes aren't elite

It is nearly impossible to win at the highest level in college football without elite recruiting. But elite recruiting does not automatically lead to winning at the highest level. Just ask members...

Butch Jones Reels In a Much-Needed JUCO CB


JUCO cornerback Riyahd Jones chooses the Vols over Ole Miss, Indiana, Kansas State and Texas A&M. He gives UT a commitment at a much-needed position and should come in and immediately compete for...

Mizzou-Tennessee: Exploring the Vols' depth chart


Tennessee's defense is falling apart, but damn, is that offense scary.

UT's statistical rankings after the Extreme Bowl


Did you know that having "an albatross around your neck" was the original punishment for the guy who killed the big flying bird? Why am I telling you this? No reason.

UT's post-October statistical rankings


Just how different would this season be right now if this year's Tennessee team had last year's defense? We look a bit differently at the statistical rankings this week to find out.

Statistical rankings take a hit after 'Bama game

A defense circling the bowl for weeks now has succumbed to the pipes. Here's this week's statistical rankings after the Alabama game, with a bonus digression into a discussion of synchronization.

Poor defense obscures offensive statistical gains

The Vols are actually improving in several national statistical rankings, but most of them are being compromised by a defense worsening almost across the board.

Vols' stats mostly hold after Georgia game


Surprise! The game against #5 Georgia didn't do much damage to the Vols' national statistical rankings. In fact, the run game actually continued to improve.

It's Locks & Keys Week 5 Time: Tell Us Your Picks


This week, we talk about why we can't get excited about Vols-Dawgs, what young quarterback you need to learn about and what the lock picks are for this week in college football. Come on in.

Tennessee Volunteer Statistical Rankings After Week 4

Four games into the season, Tennessee's passing offense still ranks well, but the run game and the defensive rankings still have a long way to go, and October's not likely to help.

RTT's Locks & Keys Week 4: Picking Like Poop


We've got prognostications, [dreams of] pandemonium and poop in this week's Locks & Keys. Come see why our pick-em records may be mediocre but the entertainment level is not.